Shin Beef & Guinness Bonbons

Pin ItSo as party season approaches there has to be some consideration given to those little snacks that can be left for people to nibble on.  With this in mind, and since the better half was busy studying, I thought I’d have a play in the kitchen.  And don’t panic – these can be done a few days ahead and frozen before breadcrumbing.  Allow them to defrost before finishing off though.

Here’s what happened (still a work in progress)

This was enough to make 8, however they were a bit, well….. me sized.  Could probably easily make 10.

½ lb shin beef (one big chunk is easiest)
Seasoned flour
2 Tbsp Olive oil
1 Carrot – diced
1 Leek – sliced
1 Onion – sliced
200ml Guinness Original
200ml Beef Stock
Salt & Pepper

To coat:
Beaten Egg
Breadcrumbs (the drier the better)

Oil for deep-frying

Horseradish Sauce to serve

  • Coat the beef in the seasoned flour
  • In a large , deep pan (which has a lid) heat 1 Tbsp of the oil in a pan over a moderate heat.
  • Brown the beef on all sides
  • Remove beef from pan and reduce heat to low
  • Add the remaining Olive Oil
  • Add carrot, leek and onion
  • Cook on low heat for about 10 mins until veg is softened
  • Add beef back to pan and pour over Guinness and stock
  • Put the lid on and turn heat to minimum – cook for 2½ hours
  • Remove beef from pan – use a slotted spoon and take care not to drop beef in the gravy
  • Shred the beef as small as you can and allow to cool slightly
  • Put the beef in a bowl and pour over a couple of Tbsps of the cooking gravy
  • Form the beef into 2-3cm balls and allow to cool in the fridge.  If not preparing immediately they can be frozen at this point.
  • Once cool coat each beef ball in breadcrumbs by covering in flour, dipping in the egg then rolling in the breadcrumbs.  For extra crunch – repeat this step
  • Deep fry each of the bonbons for about 3 mins at 180°c or until golden all over
  • Put enough small blobs of horseradish on a plate for your bonbons to sit on – stops the blighters rolling about.  Place each bonbon on a blob of horseradish and pop a cocktail stick in the top.

These are a lovely little savoury bite and very moreish.  The recipe would work equally well with the Beer Braised Oxtail recipe.  If I’m honest this was the original idea but the butcher I went to was all out.

Don’t forget to strain the veg from the pan and keep the delicious beef & Guinness gravy for another time.

Oh and as for the left over Guinness – I’ll make no presumptions as to what you should do with that.  Mine lasted about a minute.

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