Beer Braised Oxtail

Pin ItTaking inspiration (willfully stealing) from the recent trip to 24 Bar and Grill for the beer and food matching evening I decided that given the fact that, despite all denials to the contrary and talk of bright spells looming – it IS autumn and therefore time to slow the cooking down and get robust with the flavour.

And the first thing that came to mind was Oxtail.  I have vague recollections of a not unpleasant, but also not exactly “run to for comfort” soup from the 57 varieties boys. As well as stories from my mam about cooking with oxtail, usually interspersed with those about tripe, trotters, brawn etc etc.  And while there are still some parts of an animal I’m not convinced about, I can get with the whole nose to tail concept.

So I did – tail end first.

Here’s what happened:

1lb Oxtail (sectioned)
1 tbsp olive oil
Seasoned flour (plenty of salt and pepper)
Large knob of butter
1 Onion – sliced but not too thinly
4 Cloves garlic (smashed)
Fistful of fresh thyme – I left it all whole, tied up with one of the sprigs
200g mushrooms – half finely sliced, half left chunky
330ml Brewdog 5am Saint

330ml Beef stock
1 tsp sugar
Fresh chopped parsley to serve

  • Heat oven to 170°C.
  • In a casserole heat the oil.
  • Toss the sections of oxtail in the seasoned flour, tapping off any excess.
  • In the hot oil, brown the meat on all sides.
  • Remove from pan and put to one side. Turn down heat slightly.
  • Add the butter to the pan, followed immediately by the onion, garlic, thyme and the finely sliced mushrooms.
  • Allow to cook gently for around ten minutes ensuring nothing catches.
  • Turn the heat up high and pour in the 5am Saint.
  • After a couple of minutes add the stock and the sugar.
  • Place in the oven with the lid on for at least 2 hours (I went for 3 and turned the meat half way through)
  • About 20 minutes before you’re ready to dish up add the chunky mushrooms.

  • Sprinkle with fresh, chopped parsley to serve

Ideally I would have had a big pile of buttery mash potato to go with this and it would have easily been enough for two hungry ones.  However since I am persisting with this no carb thing I ate the lot as it was – sticky, sweet, gelatinous and beery.


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