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Published on January 8th, 2013 | by thehungrymanc


Duk-Pond Preston

Pin ItOne advantage to having a partner that lives in Lancashire is that it gives us a base to explore the food in that part of the world.

Those of you that have had a look at the Food Map will have noticed a few eateries listed from the area.  I apologise for blethering on about that post – but, well, it’s the first time I’ve put a proper list together and it’s gonna be a big part of this years food adventure.

Anyway, where was I?  Ah – Lancashire. In particular – Preston.  On Twelfth Night.  Traditionally the closing curtain for Christmas and a further opportunity for a feast. Now I’m sure you know by now that I don’t often turn that kind of opportunity down.

So off we went to try the eclectic mix of  dishes on offer in a tapas style dining experience at Dukpond.

Formerly two restaurants Duk and Pond have come together under the one name and are overseen by the original Patron, self taught chef Andrea Mellon.  Her time in the travel industry providing inspiration from across the globe.  Despite asking – I still have no idea where the name comes from.  If you can, please enlighten me in the comments section.

Now, I admit that I am a huge fan of this style of eating.  No matter what the cuisine.  Put a selection of dishes down in front of me and I am as happy as the proverbial pig. A little of that, a spoonful of something else. Perfect.  That said the menu at Dukpond is huge. Overwhelming.  This is undoubtedly a bonus for a big group but for just myself, my other half and TKA there was, perhaps, a little too much choice. Since this was our first trip I may be jumping the gun but maybe fewer dishes on the menu and rotate them every couple of months?  Just a thought.

As it happens – on this quiet Sunday afternoon we were in no rush.  We were happy to take in the surroundings of warm yellows and reds and lots of dark wood, while we perused the menu.

We opted for Andrea’s Famous Peruvian Stew, Lomo Lamb, Celias Potatoes, Chorizo & Black Pudding cooked in wine and port.  B also had some Moroccan Hummus with Pitta Bread.  The kitchen were also kind enough to cook up a plain chicken breast with some pitta bread for TKA.

Our waiter Mark was brilliant. Making sure there were no dietary requirements, talking us through some of the dishes and (after) giving us the recipe for the Celias Potatoes.

But what of the food? The stew was fantastically spicy but balanced with loads of fruity sweetness. I actually wanted the weather to be colder to feel the glow when I stepped back outside.  I lifted the lamb shank from it’s bowl of buttery, garlicky, herby sauce and the meat fell off the bone.  Lip-smackingly good.  The celias potatoes were creamy, cheesey and it was all we could do to stop TKA from scoffing the lot. The chorizo and black pudding was sweet and smokey and not too fiery – perfect since there was enough heat in the stew.

Oh and that stew.  Plenty of it left (only due to my customary over ordering) so Mark kindly popped it into some takeaway containers and lunch the next day was sorted.

Thanks to Mark also for the complimentary bag of homemade confectionery as we left.  Rocky Road, Cinder Toffee and “Dime” Bar.  None survived the drive home.

So will I be back to to Dukpond?  Almost certainly.  That menu needs some serious exploration. This is tapas style dining but with influences from much further afield.  So to the person who commented when I said I was going “Oh- the tapas place?” Well yes, but also a whole lot more.  Fun and quirky and serious about the food.  Oh and if anyone fancies going up for Sunday lunch then why not pre-order your carve at the table joint?  And don’t forget my invite.

Carve at Table roast (pic courtesy of Dukpond)


Bit gutted I haven’t been sooner.  One down 44 to go.

Have you been?  Something else I should’ve tried?  Let me know in the comments section so that I can check it out next time.



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  1. nomienomnom says:

    I haven’t been since it was just Pond, but I loved it. Is the mushroom pepper pot still on the menu? If so, I would definitely give that a whirl if I were you!

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