Pin ItI like to eat. I am from Manchester.

I like to cook, I like to eat, I like to read and talk about food.

But why the blog?

A friend asked me a while back, what my favourite meal was.  He knew and I soon realised that this is an
impossible question to answer.  It depends so much on mood, the weather, the season, the surroundings and the people.  Some of the best food I’ve eaten wasn’t the best food I’ve eaten – stick with this –  but was enhanced by the surroundings, the company, the occasion or its simplicity.

So with such a tasty/tricky/vast subject to talk about why not try sharing the conversation far and wide?

Now you should understand this isn’t the blog of the next MasterChef contestant, restaurant reviewer or the scribings of one who enjoys the ultimate in fine dining each week.  I enjoy all food.  From a Saturday morning bacon butty, accompanied with your favourite sauce, through to my own home cooking and beyond this to the range of dining out options – mostly in Manchester.

As such I thought it’d make an ideal subject on which to try to write a blog – having never attempted to do so before.

So I will be writing about what I eat (and perhaps drink). Not necessarily by means of any sort of recommendation – jeez, why would, or should you listen – but simply to share my ideas and thoughts on the food we all eat.

Afterall we live for an average of 75 years each and eat 3 times a day – in one lifetime that comes to something in the region of 80,000 meals we all get through.  So why not try to enjoy each one? And please share your thoughts here with others.

Happy eating.


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